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D1: IPTV Interoperability, from Buzzword to Reality

Topic: IPTV

Duration: 9:45am - 6:00pm
Mr. Richard Brand, Nortel

The ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF) has been established by ATIS in Sept. 2005 to develop ATIS standards and related technical activities that enable the interoperability, interconnection and implementation of IPTV systems and services, including video on demand and interactive TV services. IIF’s initial focus will be the creation of an industry overall reference architecture for IPTV; content delivery (quality of experience); digital rights management (DRM); interoperability standards and testing requirements for components; reliability and robustness of service components; and the establishing of user expectations. Therefore the first component of the session would provide the IIF definition of what IPTV is, detail how the IIF came into existence based on service provider needs and explore the investigation of what was required of the industry to make IPTV a marketable product. Today the IIF has over 40 member companies actively participating in the development of documents that will enable the IIF to ensure to the industry that the various components of any IPTV end to end solution will interoperate based on quantifiable specifications.

As a second session component Verizon, AT&T, Bell So. and Qwest are all active participants in the IIF and executives from some of these companies involved in their planned IPTV deployment, can speak on the challenges facing them with IPTV deployment, why they are actively participating and what the IIF deliverables mean to their business. On the product side, IPTV product solution providers such as Accenture, Alcatel, Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and many others are also active and representatives from some of these IIF members would describe their views on the on the IIF and the technical challenges facing them with IPTV.
A third component would be a detailed description of the newly completed IIF Architecture and Digital Rights Management specifications, as well as the Quality of Service Metrics document which will be completed by the November GlobeCom date.

The fourth component would describe how the IIF will take these new IPTV specification documents and charter credible validation testing which can bring affordable IPTV into the homes of peoples in North America and the rest of the world.


Richard C. Brand
As Director of IPTV Network Architecture and Applications at Nortel Networks, Richard C. Brand has the responsibility for the definition of new access and home network applications which have the capacity to support multiple service types including video. He serves with Verizon as the Vice Chair of the ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum which has the objective to create a standard that will allow interoperable IPTV. Brand has a background in voice, video and data communication networking and has been an active member and participant in the IEEE 802.3 Working Group for IEEE Ethernet standards going back to the 80’s. He was a founder of the Metro Ethernet Forum and served as the President of the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance. Prior to joining Nortel Networks, he was a founder of two video network integration companies and also served as a founder and then President and Chair of the Multi Media Communications Forum (MMCF) while an employee of National Semiconductor Corp. Brand is a graduate of Stanford University.

Norival Figueira (Hammerhead Systems) norival@ieee.org
Dilip Krishnaswamy (Intel) dilip@ieee.org



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