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D2: Beyond the Hype: The Theory, Practice, and Real World Application of Quantum Cryptography

Topic: Quantum Cryptography
Duration: 9:45am - 12:15pm

Dr. Audrius Berzanskis, MagiQ Technologies
Andrew Hammond, MagiQ Technologies

The impacts of quantum engineering and quantum information processing (QIP) are just beginning to reverberate throughout the technology industry. As the space begins to mature, many of the technologies are ripe for commercialization. In the case of quantum cryptography, they are already being brought to market.

The speaker will describe the evolution of quantum information processing; the potential impacts of such technologies in the 21st century; and will explain how MagiQ’s quantum cryptography solution operates (Quantum Private Network.)

The presentation will also describe other approaches, current market feedback from companies deploying quantum cryptography, and discuss the role that service providers can play in delivering this solution to the marketplace.

This presentation will address:
• The history of quantum information processing
• What near and longer term potential exists for commercial applications of QIP
• Historical value and analysis of previous cryptographic methods
• The security threats to today’s networks
• The technical aspects of quantum key distribution
• In depth architecture of quantum key distribution
• Physical layer
• Photonics layer
• Software protocols
• Interfaces to classical cryptography
• Why quantum key distribution is needed
• Sample deployments and configurations of MagiQ’s quantum key distribution product, the Quantum Private Network (QPN) 7505
• Market readiness
• Extensive demo of a live QPN 7505 system

• Dr. Audrius Berzanskis, VP Security Engineering
• Andrew Hammond, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development



Dr. Audrius Berzanskis
Dr. Berzanskis's technical expertise includes both academic and industrial work as a physicist and as a software engineer. His scientific specialties include lasers, optical parametric processes, quantum and classical imaging, and nonlinear optics in bulk and structured materials. He has extensive experience in developing analytical and numerical models of physical systems. Dr. Berzanskis studied physics at the Quantum Electronics Department of Vilnius University (Lithuania), where he received his Ph.D. in 1996. Simultaneously, he studied in the Dept. of Computer Science at Vilnius Technical University, where he received his M.S. in Computer Science in 1995. Before joining MagiQ, Dr. Berzanskis performed research in conjunction with the University of Applied Sciences in Jena, Germany, the Technical Institute of Physics in Braunschweig, Germany, and the Universities of Milan and Insubria in Italy. He also managed several software development projects for companies in Sweden, Germany and Italy. Dr. Berzanskis currently leads security design and software development efforts at MagiQ.

Mr. Andrew Hammond
Mr. Hammond has been working for MagiQ since February of 2002 defining the business strategy for MagiQ. Mr. Hammond has 19-years of experience in business development, strategy development, and the marketing of high technology companies and products. Mr. Hammond has a successful record of introducing disruptive technologies and growing early stage companies. Hammond’s previous experience includes serving as Director of Business Development at Netegrity, Inc., (Nasdaq: NETE), the leading provider of solutions for securely managing e-business relationships. Mr. Hammond was responsible for high value licensing deals and strategic alliances. Mr. Hammond closed significant licensing deals with Netscape, Allaire, GTE, and TIBCO. Mr. Hammond also opened-up new channels for Netegrity including relationships with PriceWaterhouse, D&T, E&Y, KPMG, and Accenture. Prior to Netegrity, Mr. Hammond was responsible for the front office product strategy at Open Market, an early Internet technology leader. At Apple Computer, Mr. Hammond managed the most successful Operating System introduction in Apple’s history as measured in incremental revenue and penetration rates. In addition, Mr. Hammond managed multimedia, graphics, and user interface technologies. While at Apple, Mr. Hammond closed a major OEM relationship between IBM and Apple valued at over $10 million and managed relationships with Hollywood studios including Industrial Light and Magic. At Lotus Development Corporation, Mr. Hammond created the PIM and contact manager categories by product managing a new kind of software application. Mr. Hammond earned a BS in Business Administration from San Diego State University.

Norival Figueira (Hammerhead Systems) norival@ieee.org
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Early Registration:
30 October

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3 November