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T22: Roadmap to Cross-Layer and Cross-System Optimization for B3G
Wireless Communications

Friday 1 December, 9:00 – 12:00
Dr. C. SKIANIS, NCSR 'Demokritos'
Email: skianis@iit.demokritos.gr
Dr. George Kormentzas, University of Aegean
Email: gkorm@aegean.gr

The beyond 3G vision constitutes in a diverse wireless networking world of “network-of-wireless-networks” accommodating a variety of radio technologies and mobile service requirements in a seamless manner. The achievement of this vision raises significant research challenges in view of system coexistence; system scale; network robustness requirements; and evaluation tools design and modeling. The key objectives of this tutorial are in part motivated by the importance of cross-layer interactions, in order to efficiently use the radio resource space in wireless networks, and in part by the vision of the integration of heterogeneous wireless technologies providing new wideband services running over flexible QoS-enabled IP based access and core networks. This tutorial brings into the foreground a broad range of research results on cross-system and cross-layer optimization algorithms taking into account issues related to usage behavior, mobility patterns, traffic profiling, QoS issues, security, network selection and relevant horizontal/vertical handovers. Specifically, the tutorial will firstly address the importance of cross-layer interactions, in order to efficiently use the radio resources in wireless networks. Afterwards, heterogeneous platform management algorithms will be presented and advanced resource management policies, including the potential for load balancing across different systems/networks, will be discussed. Subsequently, studies concerning both cross-layer and cross-system optimization in B3G environment will be presented. Finally, specific solutions/cases deployed in the context of various EU-funded projects will be analyzed in accordance with current efforts of various forums such as 3GPP, IEEE, IETF, ETSI and WWRF.


Skianis (SMIEEE) researcher at IIT NCSR ‘Demokritos’, Greece, visiting Lecturer at University of Aegean, Greece. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science, University of Bradford, UK. His interest computer communication systems performance modeling and evaluation, traffic modeling characterization, queuing theory, traffic control of wired and wireless telecommunication systems, mobile wireless networking, ubiquitous pervasive computing, E2E QoS provisioning in heterogeneous networks. He has published journals, conferences and book chapters. He acts within Program Organizing Committees for conferences. At the editorial board of journals (AdHoc Networks-Elsevier; JCSS-Croatia ____ Sister Society, IJSPM-Intersience), member of IEEE, ACM, reviewer for IEEE journals. Guest Editor for Computer Communications journal (Elsevier Science) on 'E2E QoS Provisioning Advances'; for EJOR on ‘Performance Evaluation of QoS-aware Heterogeneous Systems’;co-Guest Editor for IEEE Network Magazine on ‘Convergence of Internet and Broadcasting Systems’ (to appear). Member of organizing committee for IFIP Networking 2004; chair IFIP Networking 2005 workshop ‘World Class Events: Telecommunication Challenges’;cochair IFIP Networking 2006 workshop ‘Security and Privacy in Mobile and Wireless Networking’. Chair IEEEGlobecom2006 Symposium 'World Class Solutions: Networking the Globe'; chair IEEEICC06 workshop 'IP over DVB networks'. Member of ComSoc TCII, TCCSIM, TCComSoft;IEEEBTS; IEEETVT; IEEECS.

Dr. George Kormentzas
Kormentzas (MIEEE) is lecturer at University of Aegean. He received the Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Ph.D. in Computer Science both from NTUA, Greece, in 1995 and 2000, respectively. From 2000 to 2002, he was a research associate with the IIT of NCSR "Demokritos". His research interests are in the fields of traffic analysis, network control, resource management and quality of service in broadband heterogeneous wired/wireless networks. He has published extensively in the fields above, in international scientific journals, edited books and conference proceedings. Member of pronounced professional societies, active reviewer, guest editor for several journals and conferences and EU-evaluator for Marie Curie Actions. He has participated in a number of national and international research projects, serving in some instances as project’s technical representative for University of Aegean and/or as WP leader and/or as the project’s Technical Manager. Acted as Guest Editor for Computer Communications journal (Elsevier Science) on ‘Emerging Middleware for Next Generation Networks’ (to appear). Currently, he is chairing the 3rd International Workshop on Next Generation Networking Middleware at the forthcoming Networking 2006. He also chaired NGNM04 and NGNM05 in the context of IFIP Networking 2004 and Networking 2005 respectively, and he was Technical Program co-chair of 5th INC2005. He is Technical Manager of IST-2005-FP6 UNITE STREP project: “Virtual Distributed Testbed for Optimization and Coexistence of Heterogeneous Systems”.



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