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T23: From the Telegraph to Internet2 and Beyond
The Technology of Telecommunications from the Civil War to Star Wars

Monday 27 November, 14:00 – 17:00


Tom Minnis
, Strategic Advisory Group
Email: tminnis@gns2000.com

Sam Wood
, Modern Systems Research INC

Peggy Asprey
, The Chatham Group

Jerry Klein
, Telemaze LLC

Rivalry has always been the catalyst for the evolution of the telecommunications industry. The battles range from the telephone vs. telegraph to VoIP vs. circuit switching and from the public bandwidth conflicts which led to the creation of the FCC to the net neutrality holy wars of today. We survey the past, present, and future influences of technological breakthrough, political and economic change, regulatory shift, globalization, and user demand on the industry. This tutorial offers insights for everyone from design engineers to executives to investors to military planners, as well as all self-appointed visionaries, to make sense of the lessons of the past and apply them to technological solutions of the future.

Tom Minnis has over 34 years of experience in the telecommunications industry beginning with Amateur radio and broadcast engineering beginning in High School through college. His professional experience started with the design of a D3 channel bank at Vicom. He then gained experience in analog transmission in the form of Single Channel-Per-Carrier FM over satellite links at California Microwave. After gaining experience with telecommunications instrumentation design at Wiltron he worked at DAVID Systems.  DAVID had a novel switch design and was the first company to deliver Ethernet over standard telephone cable as well as to offer one of the first 10base-TEthernet hubs. He continued working on developing products related to T1 transmission and switching and learned the synchronization business at Telecom Solutions. He participated in IEEE standards committees in the areas of digital transmission instrumentation and network synchronization. Tom went on to be one of the system architects of a fiber optic subscriber carrier system and has most recently been working on SONET and high speed packet based systems.

Samuel F. Wood has over 40 years of experience in telecommunications system design.  Over that period he has held critical development positions at several companies including ROLM, Nortel, and FORE Systems. During that time he has been awarded 15 patents covering all aspects of telecommunications. Mr. Wood is now president of Modern Systems Research, Inc., A consulting company.

Jerry A. Klein, founder and President of The Chatham Group, has over 30 years experience in management, engineering and marketing for high-technology companies. Mr. Klein was the founder of several computer/telephony related companies which were successfully acquired. He was also the Vice-President of Dictaphone Corporation and a Vice-President at Exxon Enterprises during the world’s largest company’s foray into the computer and telecommunications business. He has performed considerable work advising companies, venture capital funds and law firms on technology related business, engineering and legal issues. Mr. Klein has extensive experience in the litigation of intellectual property and technology related matters. He has a BA in Engineering from the University of Southern California and is a registered Patent Agent. He has been a frequent guest speaker on high-technology issues and is a member of IEEE, PATCA, ACM, The Internet Society and The Intellectual Property Section of the California Bar Association, as well as the co-holder of several patents in the telecommunications area.

Peggy Asprey has worked in areas relating to Telecom for many years, most recently in the area of internet telephony and web-based communications control technologies.  She has several patents in the area and is co-founder of a start up consulting company, Telemaze LLC.   She also currently consults for the Anita Borg Institute, a nonprofit whose mission is to encourage women in computing and encourage the development of technology to benefit the world’s women. A co-founder of DAVID Systems she directed the software, one of the early corporate uses of Object Oriented Programming methodologies.  Her first experience with networking was on telemetry system protocols for NASA. She also spent time in more academic arenas, working at Xerox Parc on Smalltalk while studying at Stanford, and at Bell Northern Research where she discovered practical uses of finite state machines for software design. She was also an Invited Lecturer in computer science and computer architecture at Stanford University and is a member of the ACM and the Systers Internet Community.



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