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W4: 1st IEEE Workshop on Automotive Networking and Applications (AutoNet 2006)

Friday 1 December 9:00 – 17:00
Dr. Wai Chen, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Email: wchen@research.telcordia.com
Dr. Onur Altintas, Toyota InfoTechnology Center
Email: onur@jp.toyota-itc.com

1st IEEE Workshop on Automotive Networking and Applications
(AutoNet 2006)

Co-located with IEEE Globecom 2006
December 1, 2006 – San Francisco, CA, USA

Sensors, radars, cameras, navigation systems, and microprocessors are technologies already in-use in vehicles to support applications such as parking-assistance, lane-keeping, adaptive cruise-control, among others. These technologies have improved the levels of safety and comfort to drivers. Coupled with advances in wireless communications technologies, recently there have been significant efforts to enhance and integrate the communications technologies into the vehicle and transportation systems to enable safety and information applications. For example, significant industrial and governmental efforts are underway to push from “passive-safety” to “active-safety” by employing networking functions in vehicles and highway infrastructure.

With such communications and networking capabilities are integrated into vehicles and the infrastructure, not only safety but many other emerging applications can be supported for intelligent interactions with the transportation system, with other vehicles, and inside vehicles, to help with traffic management, vehicle diagnostics, mobile commerce, and much more. The increasing importance of vehicle and infrastructure communications is recognized by governments, highway authorities, automobile manufacturers and the academic community.

This one-day workshop intends to bring together researchers, professionals, and practitioners to discuss and address recent developments and challenges in deploying vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-with-infrastructure networking technologies, and their applications including safety-assistance and driver-convenience.

The tentative workshop agenda is as follows:

Workshop Chairs
Wai Chen
Telcordia Technologies, USA
Onur Altintas
Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Japan

Keynote Speech
Title: Vehicle Safety via Wireless Communications
Prof. Tadao Saito, CTO and Chief Scientist
Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Toyota

Invited Talk
Title: Vehicular Communications and Content Sharing: the Case for a Testbed
Prof. Mario Gerla
University of California - Los Angeles

Invited Talk
Title: "Protocol Design for Vehicular Safety Applications: Open Challenges and Current Evolution"
Dr. Luca Delgrossi, Vehicle IT & Services Research (REI/VP)
DaimlerChrysler Research & Technology North America Inc.

Session 1.   Applications, Networking Architecture and Technologies
"Towards Characterizing and Classifying Communication-based Automotive Applications from a Wireless Networking Perspective,"
Fan Bai*, Tamer Elbatt**, Gavin Hollan**, Hariharan Krishnan*, Varsha Sadekar*
*General Motors Research Center, U.S.A., and **HRL Laboratories, U.S.A.

"Detecting Dangerous Vehicles on Intelligent Transportation Systems,"
Kumiko Isu, Takaaki Umedu, Teruo Higashino, C.K. Toh
Osaka University, Japan

"Securing Vehicular Communications: An Architectural Solution Providing a Trust Infrastructure, Authentication, Access Control and Secure Data Transfer,"
Christian Tchepnda*, Hassnaa Moustafa*, Houda Labiod**, Gilles Bourdon*
*France Telecom R&D, France, and **Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications

"MORA: a Movement-Based Routing Algorithm for Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks,"
Fabrizio Granelli, Giulia Boato, Dzmitry Kliazovich
University of Trento, Italy

"On Meaningful Parameters for Routing in VANETs Urban Environments under Realistic Mobility Patterns,"
Jerome Haerri, Fethi Filali, Christian Bonnet
Institut Eurecom, France

"Vehicular Address Configuration,"
Maria Fazio*, Shirshanka Das*, Claudio Enrico Palazz*i, Mario Gerla**
*Universita di Messina, Italy, and **University of California - Los Angeles, U.S.A.

"Integrated Local Peer Group Organization and Routing,"
Wai Chen*, Jasmine Chennikara-Varghese*, Taek-Jin Kwon*, Toshiro Hikita**, Ryokichi Onishi**
*Telcordia Technologies, Inc. U.S.A., and **Toyota InfoTechnology Center, U.S.A.

"A Networked Human Transporter as an Experimental Testbed of Mobile Gateway,"
Ryuji Wakikawa, Kouji Okada, Noriyuki Shigechika, Tomohiro Ishihara, Youki Oyabu, Yuri Nagai
Keio University, Japan

"A Platform for Heterogeneous Vehicular Communications and Applications,"
Francois Depienne, Guevara Noubir, Yin Wang
Northeastern University, U.S.A.

Session 2. Performance Evaluation, MAC and Physical Layer Technologies
"Analysis of Adaptive Antenna System for Vehicular Networks,"
Mustafa Ergen, Pravin Varaiya
University of California - Berkeley, U.S.A.

"Performance Evaluation of MIMO Techniques for Roadside-to-Vehicle Communications,"
Hirofumi Urayama, Shengwei Cai, Osamu Maeshima, Teruhiko Honda
Toyota InfoTechnology Center Co., Japan

"Proposal of a Multi-channel MAC Protocol for Multi-hop Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks,"
Jun Kosai, Akira Yoshioka, Teruhiko Honda
Toyota InfoTechnology Center Co., Japan

"VANETs: To Beacon or not to Beacon?,"
Roberta Fracchia, Michela Meo, Dario Rossi
Politecnico di Torino, Italy

"Geographic and Traffic Information Based Mobility Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks in Sparse and Rural Areas,"
Mingliu Zhang and Richard S. Wolff
Montana State University, U.S.A.

"Simulation of an IVC-Based Service for Traffic Jams,"
Hilcio Mello, Markus Endler

Program Advisor
Tadao Saito
Professor Emeritus
University of Tokyo, Japan

Technical Program Committee
Subir Biswas, Michigan State University, USA
Jasmine Chennikara-Varghese, Telcordia Technologies, USA
Mario Gerla, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Dipak Ghosal, University of California, Davis, USA
Marco Gruteser, WINLAB, Rutgers University, USA
Hannes Hartenstein, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Hisato Iwai, Doshisha University, Japan
Timo Kosch, BMW, Germany
Timothy Leinmuller, DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany
Yi-Bing Jason Lin, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Thomas Luckenbach, FOKUS, Germany
Kenichi Mase, Niigata University, Japan
Guevara Noubir, Northeastern University, USA
Hyun Seo Oh, ETRI, Korea
Umit Ozguner, Ohio State University, USA
Raj Rajkumar, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Steven Shladover, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Kemal Tepe, University of Windsor, Canada
Ryuji Wakikawa, Keio University, Japan
Daniel Wong, Malaysia University of Science and Technology, Malaysia
Richard Wolff, Montana State University, USA
Tomoyuki Yashiro, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan



Early Registration:
30 October

Hotel Reservation Deadline:
3 November