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Best Student Paper Awards
IEEE GLOBECOM 2006 presented best student paper awards for six topic areas listed in the following. For or a paper to qualify for the Best Student Paper award, a student must be the main contributing author and an IEEE/COMSOC student member, and the student author must present the paper at the conference. This year, via edas/email, we invited co-authors of the student authors to submit nominations to their respective symposium chairs. Out of these nominations, each symposium can rank and forward at most two nominations for each area to the technical program chair. An ad hoc committee was appointed to evaluate these nominations to select up to three finalists for each area. The final winner was then selected based on a composite score that accounts for the manuscript review and the paper presentation at the conference.

Each student finalist received an invitation to attend the conference banquet with free ticket and received a certificate recognizing their outstanding contributions.   The winner will also receive a separate certificate and a check for $400 from COMSOC following the conference.

•  Communication Networks

Winner: ( WSN03-4)
Ming Zhao and Wenye Wang
"A Novel Semi-Markov Smooth Mobility Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"  

Other Finalists:

  • (WLC02-5) Massimiliano Comisso , Fulvio Babich, Marco D'Orlando, and Lucio Mania, "Simultaneous Communications in Ad Hoc Networks Using Smart-Antennas in Multipath Environment.
  • (MMC05-6) Chi-Fai Wong , Gary Chan, and Jiancong Chen, " PACA: Peer-Assisted Channel Assignment for Home Wireless LANs"

•  Communication Services

Winner: ( QRP02-1)
Damiano Carra , Renato Lo Cigno, and Ernst Biersack
"Content Delivery in Overlay Networks: a Stochastic Graph Processes Perspective"

Other Finalists:

  • (QRP01-6) Kaiqi Xiong and Harry Perros, " Service Optimization Within an on Demand Operating Environment"

•  Communication Systems

Winner: (WLC38-5)
Kaibin Huang , Bishwarup Mondal, Robert Heath, and Jeffrey Andrews
"Multi-Antenna Limited Feedback for Temporally-Correlated Channels: Feedback Compression"

Other Finalists:

  • (WLC30-6) Ekram Hossain and Dusit Niyato , " Admission Control in Power Constrained OFDM/TDMA Wireless Mesh Networks"
  • (CTH16-1) Amir Nasri , Robert Schober, and Yao Ma, " Unified Asymptotic Analysis of Linearly Modulated Signals in Fading and Noise"

•  Internet & Future Generation Networks

Winner: (CAM03-3)
Jiayue He , Mung Chiang, and Jennifer Rexford,
"Can Congestion Control and Traffic Engineering Be at Odds?"

Other Finalists:

  • (NXG01-1) Nan Wang , Nirwan Ansari, and Roberto Rojas-Cessa, " Improving the Accuracy of EEAC-SV with Smart Packet Marking"
  • (MMC03-4) Meng Zhang , Yongqiang Xiong, Qian Zhang, and Shiqiang Yang, " On the Optimal Scheduling for Media Streaming in Data-driven Overlay Networks"

•  Signal Processing for Communications

Winner: (SPC03-5)
Amir Amirkhany , Aliazam Abbasfar, Vladimir Stojanovic, Mark Horowitz,
"Analog Multi-Tone Signaling for High-speed Backplane Electrical Links"

Other Finalists:

  • (CTH10-2) Christian Pietsch and Juergen Lindner, "On Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes and Packings on the Grassmann Manifold"
  • (SPC12-6) Onyemelem Jegbefume , Mohammad Saquib, Marco Tacca, " Signal Processing Aided Opportunistic Decoding for Wireless Networks"

•  Physical Communication Systems

Winner: (SAT05-3)
Igor Bisio , Mario Marchese, and Giancarlo Portomauro,
"Performance Evaluation of Sink Selection Techniques in Satellite Sensor Networks"

Other Finalists:

  • (GEN03-6) Zhengya Zhang , Lara Dolecek, Borivoje Nikolic, Venkat Anantharam, and Martin Wainwright " Investigation of Error Floors of Structured Low-Density Parity-Check Codes by Hardware Emulation "

Best Student Paper Award Ad Hoc Committee

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of the ad hoc committee and session chairs for reviewing the manuscripts of the nominated papers and evaluating the presentations of the finalists.

•  Dr. Maggie Cheng
•  Dr. Tim Davidson
•  Dr. Michael De
•  Dr. Arjan Durresi
•  Dr. Zhu Han
•  Dr. Stefano Galli
•  Dr. Hung H. Nguyen
•  Dr. Nei Kato
•  Dr. Sastri Kota
•  Dr. Lutz Lampe
•  Dr. Sanghoon Lee
•  Dr. Athina Markoupoulou
•  Dr. Jelena Misic
•  Dr. Sumit Roy
•  Dr. Nirmala Shenoy
•  Dr. Harry Skianis
•  Dr. Chintha Tellambura
•  Dr. Guoliang Xue
•  Dr. Boon Sain Yeo
•  Dr. Hui Zang



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30 October

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