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Internet Services and Enabling Technologies

Symposium Co-Chairs
Volker Hilt, Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies, volkerh@bell-labs.com
Anees Shaikh, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, aashaikh@watson.ibm.com

Over the past decade, the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and do business, driving the emergence of new and exciting applications. As the Internet has matured, the focus of innovation is shifting to the development of new applications and services, and their enabling technologies.   This symposium is intended to bring together the academics and industrialists engaged in this field, and exchange information about advances in the field and speculate about the future (r)evolution.

The Symposium on Internet Services and Enabling Technologies targets academic and industrial research activities that are focused on techniques to improve the delivery of services over the Internet, both wireline and wireless.   It encompasses the design, implementation, and management of networked services and applications, as well as underlying protocols and technologies that enable them, including, for example, SIP, P2P technologies, network virtualization, and presence information. Related areas include the high-level architectures and design frameworks that are used by networking consultants and designers to develop new Internet services, or manage their operations.

Of particular interest are original speculations about the future of Internet services and their enabling technologies, compelling position papers, and submissions describing promising work in progress.

Topics of Interest
Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to the following:

• Services enabling protocols and protocol extensions (including SIP, HTTP, RTSP/RTP, etc.)
•  Peer-to-Peer applications and technologies leveraging/supporting peer-to-peer applications
•  Middleware for new Internet based applications
•  Converged networks and applications (including VoIP and 3G/NGN telecom networks)
•  Applications leveraging content networking technologies
•  Application paradigms (e.g. endpoint-hosted vs. network-hosted)
•  Software as a service model for delivering applications on the Internet
•  Services over the wireless Internet (including services on ad-hoc and sensor networks)
•  Security and privacy management in hosted Internet applications
•  Platforms for rapid creation and deployment of network services
•  Design methodologies for Internet services
•  Systems and architectures for hosting Internet facing services
•  Call center operations and global sourcing of services and applications
•  Emergency services
•  Service delivery, service assurance, and root-cause analysis of service problems
•  Financial and business tools needed for Internet based services

Symposium Website: http://iset.internettc.org/

Technical Committee

Kevin Almeroth, University of California at Santa Barbara
Torsten Braun,
University of Berne
Gonzalo Camarillo, Ericsson
Christophe Diot, Thomson
Stefan Dresler, E-Plus Mobilfunk
Werner Geyer, IBM T.J. Watson Research
Marco Gruteser, WINLAB /
Rutgers University
Volker Hilt,
Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies
Markus Hofmann, Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies
Hani Jamjoom, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Sneha Kasera, University of Utah
Martin Mauve, Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf
Srihari Nelakuditi, University of South Carolina
Vasilis Pappas,
University of California, Los Angeles

Günter Schäfer, Technische Universität Ilmenau
Aman Shaikh, AT&T Labs - Research
Anees Shaikh, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Burkhard Stiller, ETHZ
Joe Touch, USC/ISI
Jürgen Vogel, European Media Laboratory
Lan Wang,
University of Memphis
Lars Wolf, TU Braunschweig, IBR


Early Registration:
30 October

Hotel Reservation Deadline:
3 November