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Network Security Systems

Symposium Co-Chairs
Stamatios Kartalopoulos, University of Oklahoma, USA, kartalopoulos@ou.edu
Hsiao-Hwa Chen, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan, hshwchen@ieee.org
Mohsen Guizani, Western Michigan University, USA, mguizani@cs.wmich.edu

The IEEE GLOBECOM 2006 Computer and Network Security Systems Symposium will be held in San Francisco, CA USA, 27 November - 1 December 2006. Original papers are invited in the area of computers, information and communication networks security. With the advent of pervasive computer applications and due to the proliferation of heterogeneous wired and wireless computer networks, computer and communications network security has become paramount. The Computer and Network Security System Symposium will address all aspects of the modeling, design, implementation, deployment, and management of computer/network security algorithms, protocols, key distribution , architectures, transmission and systems. Furthermore, contributions devoted to the evaluation, optimization, or enhancement of security mechanisms for current technologies as well as devising efficient security and privacy solutions for emerging technologies are solicited. Papers must represent high-quality and previously unpublished work. The goal of this Symposium is to publish original articles of interest to the general wireless , wired and optical community, and to advance the state of the art of computer and communications network security systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following.

Topics of Interest
•  3G, 4G security
•  802.11 security, 802.11i
•  Ad hoc network security
•  Advance cryptography and Quantum cryptography
•  Application/network penetration testing
•  Authentication protocols
•  Biometric security: technologies, risks and vulnerabilities
•  Bluetooth security
•  Computer and network forensics
•  Critical infrastructure security
•  Data and system integrity
•  Deployment and management of computer/network security policies
•  Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDOS) attacks and countermeasures
•  Distributed systems security
•  DNS spoofing and security
•  Encryption standards
•  Encryption vulnerabilities
•  Financial cryptosystems
•  Firewalls
•  Formal trust models
•  Information hiding and watermarking
•  Intrusion detection, localization, and avoidance
•  IPv6 security, IPSec
•  Key distribution and management
•  Light-weight cryptography
•  Message authentication
•  Mobile code security
•  Network security metrics and performance evaluation
•  Network traffic analysis techniques
•  Operating System(OS) security and log analysis tools
•  Optical Network security
•  Peer-to-peer systems
•  Public-key cryptography
•  Revocation of malicious parties
•  Robust Security Network (RSN)
•  Secure naming
•  Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
•  Security modeling and protocol design
•  Security specification techniques
•  Self-healing networks
•  Sensor network security
•  Single- and multi-source intrusion detection and response (automation)
•  Smart cards and secure hardware
•  Source and link authentication
•  Symmetric key cryptography
•  Transport Layer Security (TLS)
•  Trust establishment
•  Upper-layer authentication
•  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
•  Vulnerability, exploitation tools, and virus/worm analysis
•  Web, e-commerce, m-commerce, and e-mail security
•  Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

Technical Program Committee

Mithun Acharya, North Carolina State University
Akshai Aggarwal, University of Windsor
Ala Al-fuqaha, Western Michigan University
Yacine Atif, Massey University
J. William Atwood,
Yannis Bakopoulos, NetNediaLab
Ezedin Barka,
UAE University
Carole Bassil, ENST - Telecom Paris
Raheem Beyah, Georgia State University
Azzedine Boukerche, University of Ottawa
Lin Cai, University of Victoria
Michael Caloyannides, Mitretek Systems
Joao Cangussu,
University of Texas at Dallas
Xiaojun Cao, Rochester Institute of Technology
Davide Cerri, CEFRIEL - Politecnico di Milano
Siu-Ping Chan, University of Washington, Seattle
H. Jonathan Chao,
Polytechnic University Brooklyn
Chih-Hao Chen, National Tsing
Hua University

Hsiao-Hwa Chen,
National Sun
Thomas Chen, Southern
Methodist University
Chu, Penn State University
Bruno Crispo, Universita di Trento
Xiaojiang Du, North Dakota State University
Arjan Durresi, Louisiana State University
Afshin Fallahi, University of  Manitoba

Hanane Fathi,
Research Center for Information Security, AIST
Faramarz Fekri, Georgia Institute of Technology
Zeeshan Furqan,
University of Central Florida
Dieter Gollmann, TU Hamburg-Harburg
Chao Gong,
University of Texas at Dallas
Manimaran Govindarasu, Iowa State University
Stefanos Gritzalis, University of the
Zhu Han, University of Maryland, College Park
Liwen He, Security Research Center, BT Group CTO Office
Yoshito Kanamori,
University of Alaska, Anchorage
Anestis Karasaridis, AT&T Labs  
Kazukuni Kobara,
University of Tokyo
Turgay Korkmaz,
University of Texas at  San Antonio
Sanjeev Kumar,
University of Texas --Pan American
Geng-Sheng Kuo,
National Chengchi University  
Yuan-Cheng Lai, IM, NTUST
Ruidong Li,
University of Tsukuba
Bin Liu, Tsinghua University
Peng Liu, Pennsylvania State University
Robert Malaney, University of New South Wales
Daniel Massey, Colorado State University
Bruce McNair, Stevens Institute of Technology
Peter Mueller, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
Suku Nair, Southern
Methodist University
Nadia Nedjah, State University of Rio de Janeiro
Theodoros Pagtzis, University College
Jp Pan, UVic
Stefano Paraboschi, University of Bergamo
Antonio Pescape',
University of Naples

Yi Ping,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Bart Preneel, Katholieke Universityiversiteit
Peter Reiher, University of California at Los Angeles
Pitipatana Sakarindr, NJIT
Khushboo Shah,
University of  Southern California

Luo Shizhang,
Beijing University of Posts and Telecom
Khaled Shuaib, UAEU
Sivalingam, University of Maryland , Baltimore County (UMBC)
Theodore Stergiou, City University USA/ Greece , Virtual Trip Ltd
Koduvayur Subbalakshmi, Stevens Institute of Technology
Bo Sun,
Lamar University

Zhili Sun, University of Surrey
Seok Tang, Institute for Infocomm Research
Paul Taylor, Air Force Communications Agency
Zouheir Trabelsi,
UAE University
Giacomo Verticale, Politecnico di Milano
David Waiting,
University of Cape Town
Wenye Wang, NC State University
Chih-Chiang Wu, National Tsing Hua University
Yang Xiang, Deakin University
Yang Xiao, The
University of Alabama
Hao Yang, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Ge Yi, China Research Lab
Jianhong Zhang, North China University of Technology
Xi Zhang,
Texas A&M University , ECE Department
Wanlei Zhou, Deakin University
Ye Zhu, Texas A&M University  


Early Registration:
30 October

Hotel Reservation Deadline:
3 November